Tractive (Dog Tracker) showing "Home" when device is switched Off

Hi there,
I’ve recently acquired the Tractive Dog Tracker and set up the tractive integration. I also set up a “person” card for the Dog and set it to use the tracking device.

What I’m noticing is that when the device has been turned Off, the tracker still shows as “Home”.

Is this the desired behavior or should it state “unavailable” (or some other status)

Screenshot of Diagnostic Enties shown for context.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 2.16.02 PM

Many things in the computer world is imperfect, especially communication between devices.
The problem is that many commication standard are not able to carrier detect, which means there is no way of knowing if the other end is not sending, but still being there or if it is actually gone.
Some standards handle it with timeouts, but timeouts needs to be set, so the longest interval between transmits is still covered and since many standard also can have packetloss, then you need to multiply with 2 or 3 to be somewhat covered.
If this is then use on a device that save power by not sending data when there is no change then the timeout can be really long and maybe worthless.

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The challenge, as Wally said, is how to tell the difference between no location update needed and turned off.

You could suggest a feature (using the feature requests section) of optional availability settings for that integration.