Tradfri 1055lm Bulb automation with ZHA

Hi,I am very new to Home Assistant and and smart home in general.

What I have:
Home Assistant 2023.3.1 Docker Container + Eclipse Mosquitto Docker + EFR32MG21 / ZHA

I added this bulb " TRADFRIbulbE27WSglobeopal1055lm by IKEA of Sweden" with ZHA. And I can change ON/Off, Temperature and Brightness from the Dashboard. So I think everything is working fine.

But when I try to automate the bulb I get these Options:

I would expect options like “change temperature to value” and “change brightness to value” even when the light on on, and not just change parameters that only work on Start-up when the Power is cut from the bulb.

When adding an action, instead of selecting “Device”, select the option “Call a service” and then look for the service light.turn_on, then you will have all the options you are looking for.

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Oh thank you!
A little bit hidden, but it works perfectly!

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