Tradfri bulb not showing up in


I have migrated from Homebridge to Homekit native component and I just noticed that my Tradfri bulb is not being published to, while other entities do appear there just fine. I have removed all the filtering but I still can’t manage to see the bulb in my

I know I could have the Ikea app publish the bulb directly into but I want to concentrate all my configuration in HA. Could anybody help me understand why this is happening? and most importantly, could anybody guide me through a full homekit troubleshooting process?

With the latter I mean I want to be able to “see” how all the entities which qualify for being published to Homekit do reach the bridge for example, and how the filtered ones are discarded while the eligible ones do pass through the filter.

This is what my configuration file looks like currently:

  auto_start: False
      - light
      - cover
      - input_boolean
      - input_boolean.start_marantz_vincent

Thanks in advance,

Nobody? :frowning: