Tradfri bulb not working


I recently bought a new IKEA Trådfri bulb and added it to my Zigbee network. I already have some IKEA bulbs working correctly, but this one I can’t get to work. It is recognized correctly, and an Entity with the right controls is created. However, the bulb does not react on any command.

Does someone have an idea how to solve this? Or can it be a faulty bulb? In the latter case I can try to exchange it for another one at the IKEA store.

This is the device signature:

  "node_descriptor": "NodeDescriptor(logical_type=<LogicalType.Router: 1>, complex_descriptor_available=0, user_descriptor_available=0, reserved=0, aps_flags=0, frequency_band=<FrequencyBand.Freq2400MHz: 8>, mac_capability_flags=<MACCapabilityFlags.AllocateAddress|RxOnWhenIdle|MainsPowered|FullFunctionDevice: 142>, manufacturer_code=4476, maximum_buffer_size=82, maximum_incoming_transfer_size=82, server_mask=11264, maximum_outgoing_transfer_size=82, descriptor_capability_field=<DescriptorCapability.NONE: 0>, *allocate_address=True, *is_alternate_pan_coordinator=False, *is_coordinator=False, *is_end_device=False, *is_full_function_device=True, *is_mains_powered=True, *is_receiver_on_when_idle=True, *is_router=True, *is_security_capable=False)",
  "endpoints": {
    "1": {
      "profile_id": 260,
      "device_type": "0x010c",
      "in_clusters": [
      "out_clusters": [
    "242": {
      "profile_id": 41440,
      "device_type": "0x0061",
      "in_clusters": [
      "out_clusters": [
  "manufacturer": "IKEA of Sweden",
  "model": "TRADFRIbulbE27WSglobeopal1055lm",
  "class": "zigpy.device.Device"

Whenever I try to change the state of the bulb, by using the HA UI, I get an error like this in te logs:

2022-01-02 15:08:19 DEBUG (MainThread) [zigpy.device] [0x18f2] Delivery error for seq # 0x92, on endpoint id 1 cluster 0x0003: message send failure

I tried moving the bulb closer to the ZHA antenna, but that didn’t solve my problem. Any help would be appreciated!


I tried to add it several times now. What happens every time is this:

  • pairing is succesful
  • device shows up, entity with the right controls is created
  • bulb doesn’t respond to commands
  • after a while, the device becomes “unavailable” in HA. (Probably due to not responding to commands?)

I’ve attached my home-assistant.log, filtered on the occurence of the devices network ID (0x18f2). Perhaps someone can understand what’s going on here.

Well, I was going to attach that log file, but apparently, I’m only allowed to attach image files. And it is too large to paste.

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Hi, I am not sure if I am able to help. Anyway, I am also thinking about buying these bulbs. If you can save the logfile enywhere on the internet, I’m curious and will try to interpret it somehow. I belive that some sort of ZHA quirks might help…

I have this bulb too. It does react to my commands (brightness and color temperature). But I cannot control the color. Can you?

In my case, the bulb doesn’t react at all. However, my Zigbee stick is a very old one, I suspect that it’s a compatibility issue because of that. I’m planning to replace it with a newer stick. Hope that will solve my problems.

I have upgraded to a new Zigbee cooridnator stick (The Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 + stick), and now the bulb works like a charm. Conclusion: the bulb wasn’t the problem, the coordinator was.