Tradfri bulbs remembers last settings, how can I disable this behaviour?

I’m using my Ikea Tradfri bulbs with deConz.
I’m trying to put together a wakeup routine, to mimic a sunrise.

The way I do this, with Node-Red, I’m pushing the parameters, temperature, brightness, transition time, but the bulbs are remembering the last setting and ignoring my settings.

Is there any parameters in deConz to prevent this behaviour ?

There is a bunch of those for power-on though.

Please advise.

Thanks !


Hi Johan, this behavior is ‘normal’.
In deCONZ, I did not see any option to control this setting.
Not sure this is for all lights (guess it is because that’s advantage) but your problem seems to be related to NR and I assume something is wrong for not using the settings that you send.
Can’t help you there since I don’t have any experience with NR.

You could try an automation in HA to see how that works.

Here’s what I have done for my wakeup scenario, with bulbs connected through Deconz.

I have not been able to adjust both the color and brightness immediately on turn-on, but I have the following:

  • I have a hue lamp I want to turn on dim blue at the start. But when I turn it on it goes back to the remembered color/brightness, which is 100% and white. So I have a turn_on followed by a 0.1s delay followed by a set_color. This means the lamp flashes very briefly bright, but then does what I want. My understanding is that ZHA has a work around for this, though. (This is actually good for waking up, I’ve discovered.)
  • The other bulbs are IKEA, but not colored. And they get turned on with a turn_on 10% command, which works. E.g., the IKEA bulbs turn on to 10% right away.

Hopefully that is helpful.