Tradfri Bulbs


I’ve got a load a Tradfri bulbs and they show up nicely on the dashboard. When I first start HASS, they all behave exactly as I would expect.

At some point later, they stop reflecting the state of the bulb. They might show off when they’re on or on when they’re off. If I flick the switch, the switch will go on for a second and then just go back to off on its own (or vice versa).

I think this might happen when I use something else to turn a light on or off. So, if I use Alexa, or the Tradfri remote control or they come on with a Tradfri app timer or something… basically, anything other than HASS. Could there be some sort of conflict that means HASS gets confused? I’d be interested to know if anyone has Tradfri lights working 100%.