Tradfri Button integration via smartthings

I moved to HA from smartthings. The smartthings hub is used as the bridge for zigbee and zwave devices via smartthings integration. Most devices work fine except Tradfri buttons: Device info shows “Ikea Button”, but only battery entity is listed, none of buttons shows up. How to debug this problem?


Hey, not sure if you managed to solve this yet, but buttons like what you find on the Tradfri remotes, or the Aeotec SmartThings Button etc, don’t show up as entities or devices.
The way you use these, is via Events.
Go to the Developer tools menu > Events > enter smartthings.button into the “Listen to events” area (the second text box, not the first one which is to fire an event). And then click start listening. Press the buttons and events will show up. You can use this info to make automations. Get the device ID, value (which will be either pushed or held), and component_id which will be button1 through button5 which will correspond with the button you pressed. Copy and paste those into a text editor for a moment as you will need them to build an automation. Notably with the Ikea Tradfri 5-button remotes, every time you press a button, you get two events for some reason - one is for component_id of button1 to button5 depending on which one you pressed, and the other is component_id of main. You can ignore the “main” one.

Then go to Configuration > Automation & Scenes and make a new automation, start with a blank one (no blueprint). For this new automation select trigger type “Event”, and for event type put smartthings.button . For event data put this:
component_id: button1 (replace with the button you want to automate action for, i.e. button 1 thru 5)
device_id: 12345abcetcetc (replace with the device ID you copied earlier)
value: pushed (change to held if you want an action for when the button is held

Then build out the rest of your automation.