Tradfri buttons no longer function after OTA?

I got a shortcut button and a dimmer on/off switch here, connected via zigbee2mqtt on an CC2531. They worked great until I triggered an OTA last night, hoped it might help with the weird battery value jumping.
Now both devices still announce themselves, still join the network if I reset them, etc, but they no longer do anything when I push the buttons. Any ideas/suggestions? I get no errors or anything, link quality and capabilities are still reported, just no reaction to button presses.
Weird part is also that the OTA offered apparently had the same firmware version and date as what was already on them.

Edit: Okayyy… even more weird: The dimmer switch started working by itself again. The button is still dead, it sends no mqtt payload or anything.

I had the same issue over the weekend. OTA updated my remotes to version 2.3.080 (was 2.3.014). I had bindings between remotes and lights by using groups (as per zigbee2mqtt guidelines). These bindings were not working anymore after the firmware updates.
Solution was to remove and re-pair the remotes, and then make direct bindings between a remote and a light. Works fine now.
Re-pairing was quite a job, sometimes a remote was ‘announced’ to the network and then nothing happened. In that case i had to make a manual binding to the coordinator

Unfortunately, multiple re-pairings didn’t work. I can’t make direct bindings since most of my lights are not zigbee, I’m just using the Tradfri buttons to control them via automations.
Currently, I get “action” as “Unavailable” or “Null”, so it seems the button publishes battery data and firmware info and all, just not the actual button action anymore.

I still have one remote with firmware 2.3.014. Made a simple automation to switch on a light. And guess what: the ‘old’ version remote works, the updated one does not. Similar to your experience, i think.

Now we need to find someone with more in-depth zigbee knowledge…

I had to remove the ‘old’ version of my remote from Zigbee2MQTT (pressing a button while removing), and then re-pair again.

I could not remove one of the updated remotes by pressing a button. A forced removal was the only way. After re-pairing the bindings were restored. As if the system remembers the configuration.

I followed an earlier post (by @francisp): stop zigbee2mqtt, remove and remount the usb-stick (CC2652RB, in my case). Restart zigbee2mqtt.
And there it is: pairing works as it isupposed to work. And now i can also switch a light with an automation.

I am not certain if the removal of the stick was necessary, it could be that just stopping and starting zigbee2mqtt will do the trick.
Problem solved, or at least i have a workaround.

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Apparently Ikea severely messed with the way their firmware works. Newer firmwares for some of the devices will only allow binding to another device, but will not bind to the default group, so none of its messages are visible for the coordinator.
What solved it for me was to go to devices → button → bind, and bind the device’s “LevelCtrl” and “OnOff” to “Coordinator”. After this, it is detectably by mqtt and Home Asssistant again.

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@Arakon: My Tradvri Shortcut Button (firmware 2.3.015) kept going offline. I tried your procedure, and now the buttons are online again. I did keep getting binding error messages, but eventually it worked. I am hoping now it will stay that way. So thank you for the tip!

I was never able to get another button (firmaware 2.3.080) to work again after upgrading the firmware. Not even resetting it could get it to come back. Changed batteries 10x times. Dead. Worked before the firmware update.