Tradfri Groups and Color Temp

Hello all. I have my Tradfri lights working quite well, but I have an issue when it comes to changing the color temperature. It appears that once the lights are grouped, the color temp function is not supported, only brightness. This causes a little bit of inconvenience when programing a scene, but the biggest issue is that it causes a significant delay. I have four bulbs close together in one room and when I have to address each separately the first and last transition a half second or more apart.

I have the same behaviour with only two bulbs using within a scene.
There is half a second delay. But i don’t care.

I haven’t run into this. I have three tradfri lights into one group. If I click on the group heading, it allows me to change all the brightness and temperatures of the lights with no hiccups.

The controls on the dashboard work fine, but not when setting a change in a scene. In order to change the color temp you have to address each bulb individually in the scene.