TRADFRI integration asking for HOST in HA or vise-versa

What is the Host* when trying to add a Tradfri gateway?

Welcome Previn,

it’s the IP adress of your Ikea hub.

ahh ok, thank you. if it were a snake, it would have bit me!

Another “Tips” with IKEA HUB, keep it “wired” not on wifi, and make “reservation/ Manual setting IP” in your DHCP-Scope, on your Router(if possible), Ikea Hub is basically as many other Ikea “things” … BASIC , but it’s stable with IKEA stuff, if treated “gently” … after above “approach” i had a 4 hours total power-loss, when power came back, everything was good again, device/automations no changes, no loss of devices

boheme61, thank you. I got it up and running and it is “wired”, so I’m good there.
How do I set up my router so all my devices maintain a static IP?
So far, all of them have not changed IPs even in a power loss. I don’t ever remember being queried when I set up my AX6000.

You go to your “LAN” setting, there you will/should se “DHCP” click it, or where ever you find DHCP setting :slight_smile: i have ASUS, so i really not sure
I Just checked, scroll to "4. Specify DHCP Server Settings (1.Click Add in the Address Reservation section.)

EDIT: My settings was easy, 2 clicks on each device i wanted to set as “Manual/Reserve”

PS: Only my Phone is “allowed” to flow around :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a shot. Many thanks (again).


OK, yes, I did that and reserved my gateway IPs . Pretty slick and everything is stable. thank you.

Hi All,

Newbie here, so please excuse my basic questions. This is my first post, I am sure I will have many more and be able to help others along the way.

I a trying to add the IKEA TRADFRI hub.
I am using Orbi 850 Mesh network, the hub is connected via cable.
I can Add Integration to add the IKEA hub. It asks for the Host (which I believe will be the IP Address), I think I can find that through the Orbi app.

QUESTION: What is the Security Code or where do I find that code?

Thanks heaps and hope someone can help me. Next challenge is to add the Aqara M2 hub.

Much appreciated.


And while your in the mood , read 1st Post in this Forum
And in regards to Aqara, there will also be a few post here depending upon how you want to integrate your aqara … thou it’s not as simple as the ikea-hub

Thanks, @boheme61 appreciate the support. Good point, I probably should have started a new thread. The top post was about the host which is the IP of the device. The instructions for connecting the IKEA hub and other integrations that I have seen say do steps a,b,c, etc, and then follow the prompts. The problem with the IKEA hub is that to get to the other prompts, I need to enter the security code. Hence my question is, where do I find that code?. The HA instructions do not seem to cover that. I will keep searching forums, facebook, etc.

Great tips on how to ask a good question.

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No your decisions to ask in this Topic seems a good way to go, i just pointed you to the official docs do to the fact you ask questions, without reading first post, AND with 3 min of read time, which to me says you don’t wanna read, you want answers “served” , sorry for the way im saying it.
Yes the HA-Integration page do say where to find the code, but to “find” that you have to read the page, so try again, first link Ikea-Integration
PS: you’d be surprice, where you will find the ikea-hub-code

Hi @boheme61 and others.

I am trying to add the IKEA DIRIGERA (Tradfri) hub into HA 2023.2.5. Thanks to the community here, I was able to determine that HOST = IP Address of the Hub. Other threads suggest using the second half of the large QR Code which looks a bit like this: f0c8fd207b0b32df

But I keep getting the timeout error. Both the hub and HA are plugged in via an ethernet cable directly into the router, so speed should not be an issue. I was able to add the HUE hub, but really struggling with the IKEA hub, next to tackle will be the Aqara hub.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

xxx-xx-xxx , you are seriously going to get alot of problems in future, with your lack of ability to think for your self or act upon intuition …
I have no idea which QR code you refer to, but if you followed the ikea-integration-page i linked to you, i assume this was at the back of the hub, where you also fin the security-code.

PS. NOW i noticed that you suddenly are talking about "IKEA DIRIGERA " and NOT " TRÅDFRI ", but im pretty sure that even to the new DIRIGERA hub, the was a little sticker, or manual, otherwise, i know you can download the manual on IKEA’s website

I really do appreciate your assistance. There are two QR codes. One is for Homekit with an 8 digit code. The other QR code provides a string which has tow components separated by a comma. The first part looks like a model number and the second part looks like a MAC address without the colons. There are no other codes and no stickers. There is no code in the format you suggest but based upon my history so far I may very well be missing it.

I have tried all the codes on the back including variations. I can post a photo of the back.

XXX-XX-XXX thats 8 digits

So the 8 digits you see

You write in as security-code in the form XXX-XX-XXX

PS: on the ORIG TRADFRI, the code on the back is in the form XXX-XX-XXX
Apparently not on DIRIGERA :wink:

AND you find the same on AQARA-HUB

Eventually when /after you have decided where to integrate your AQARA-HUB , you do the same XXX-XX-XXX

After seeing your format of xxx-xx-xxx I realised the eight digits and that would be what I would have tried. Thank you for your help, I’ll provide feedback after my next attempt.

Setup result - still failed. I used the Homekit 8-digit code and entered it in the format of xxx-xx-xxx and also tried xxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxx, but all failed.

Any other suggestions, I am reading the pages, the community forums, but I must be missing something very obvious as I am sure many others have succeeded in this endeavour.

Maybe you can find a solution from here:

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