Tradfri integration options: restart/list smar tasks?


Since on many options are listed which as far as I know are not available to HA users, I wonder if I have setup the integration correctly.

It would be really very nice to be able to restate the Ikea Hub on Ha, since every now and then it needs to be restarted, and the Ikea App itself doesn’t have that feature (I think) so now we have to pull the plug…

Also, some other fine options are listed, like being able to list smart task, which would another cool thing to show in HA.

Forgive me asking directly @ggravlingen, but is this already available in HA, or would I need to file a feature request for this?

Are there any other integrations that support this that we could look at to integrate this? Sending the command to restart the device isn’t that difficult.

Don’t know tbh. Sorry.

In another thread it was suggested to have the hub send a keep alive to prevent the issues I need to solve here.

Maybe this could be another way of solving this? Though a separate restart would still be very nice to have.

May I just ask: “Sending the command to restart the device isn’t that difficult.”.
How exactly do you do that?