Tradfri LED Bulb flickers when off


this is not a special Homeassistant topic, but nevertheless I want to ask you all, if you have similar effects on tradfri LEDs.

I have paired an E14 LED with the Tradfri Remote. The LED is only dimmable, so the options on the remote for changing the white colors is not working. This is OK, so it is not the problem. Dimming the lights and turn on and off the led is also working properly.

The phenomenon is, if I turn off the led via the remote, you can see, when it is completely dark in the room, that the LED is still flickering a little bit. So it was not completely turned off.

This happens in two lamps. So, it is reproduceable.

Do you know, what is wrong here? Or do you have similar effects?

Thx and regards

i think a hardware defect

LED or the Gateway?

I would suppose LED

Do you have light in wall switch? A friend of mine had the same problem when he bought light switches withsmall lights (easier to find in the dark).


I have changed the LEDs. Now it is working. So, it was a hardware defect…


I have exactly the same problem with the same type of bulbs … I’ll try your “solution”.


I have one e14 bulb which makes a high pitched beeping noise when turned off (but mains power still applied). Makes too much noise to be tolerable as a bedside light.

Anyone experienced this also? It is my only e14 bulb (still testing) so I can’t compare.


I have now 4 E14 Bulbs, but all are OK… Maybe it is a Hardware defect?


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