Tradfri lights - wall switch

Hi all,

Is anyone experiecing the issue with Tradfri lights status not being updated when you switch off the light using the wall switch,

Am I missing something in the config?

With hue lights, if I switch off the light with the wall switch the status is properly updated in HA.


I am experiencing the same behaviour. Did you fix it?

Same here.
do you have a fix?

I don’t think it’s an issue in Home Assistant, rather a (lack of) feature of the IKEA bulbs themselves.
The gateway doesn’t update the status for the non-reachable bulbs.

I would Linke to bump this topic/question ist there anyway how to fix this?

if you try to turn_off a tradfri light with home assistant after cutting it from the power supply, the ikea gateway updates the lights status as unavailable and homeassistant shows it as such.

you just have to find a way, or rather a sensor, that tells you that the power supply was cut. in our bathroom i’m doing this with a light sensor. so if the bathroom turns dark (or rather below a certain brightness level)), i let HA turn off both tradfris. this updates their status to unavailable if the light is cut from power (or just turns it off, if it still has power).

another workaround would be to turn off the tradfris if there’s no motion for a couple minutes. this would give you the unavailable status with a bit of lag.

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I Just migrated tot and the problem is gone.
(Clean install, migrated my config files)