Tradfri lights wrong status?

Hi Community,

I’ve a question about IKEA Tradfri light buibs

I’ve a simple setup
HA docker running on RPI3A
Deconz in docker
Philips Hue lightbulbs

Till now I only used Philips Hue lightbulbs (White and White Ambient) and never really had any issues (other than the odd bulb flashing after being switched on from switch).

I decided to stray away from Philips Hue to IKEA Tradfri as their E14 and GU55 bulbs are half the price of their hue equivalents and they are on the Deconz compatibility list.

This is where my issues have started.

All Tradfri bulbs work fine until they are switched off at the switch. Then instead of their “status = unavailable” they report the last bulb status (on or off) to both Deconz and HA.

If their status is wrong this pretty much renders their use in home automations useless !! (imho) and is also annoying when you go to bed and HA says you’ve left a light on (when you haven’t).

I’ve also noted that if you add Hue and Tradfri bulbs to the same light group in HA this will also cause the Hue bulbs to also report the same status as a Tradfri bulb (not only the light group but the individual build itself) instead of saying Unavailable as they have up until now.

I’ve seen many posts in this and other threads re. the Tradfri bulbs acting like this as if it is normal behaviour for these bulbs which I find surprising.

Is this really the case ? and do you have to figure out how to detect if these bulbs are unavailable instead of on/off ??

If that’s the case I will stop using them !!

When I had that issue I still used the Ikea Tradfri bridge. Since I switched to Deconz I don’t experience this problem anymore, and if I remember correctly my problem then was that it did not update the entity fast enough for me. this had something to do with the interval it checks for state changes.

You say you “switched to Deconz” ?
I’m already using deconz but haven’t updated it recently so will try that (I updated HA recently).

My entities don’t update at all. They just keep the last status once switched off.

Been using Deconz for over a year now and never experienced the problem you describe, and always keep HA and add-ons up to date (if it is safe to do so of course). So unfortunately I cannot help you with your problem

For info… got fed up of the wrong status so swapped of the Tradfri E14 bulbs for Hue equivalents and as suspected this fixed the issue with these but it also looks like the GU55 Tradfri bulbs I still have now seem to be working as expected.

Will monitor them…

i never trun mine off at the switch, not sure why you would, defeats the purpose of a smart bulb if you have to use a dumb switch.
In fact, i have removed all my switches throughout the house, replaced with sensors or remotes depending on the room.

Did you find a solution for this issue? I have the same problem that if I switch off the light bulb using the switch it remains in the state “ON” (because it was on).
Switching off sometimes happens because it is unclear for my partner how to turn off the lights during bedtime.
I have some automations that will go to “sleeping mode” when the lights are turned off. Because I the state remains “ON” these automations fail.

Edit: Nevermind… I found the solution for this in zigbee2mqtt. Use availability_timeout to ping for the device availability. See Availability |

I have small group of 6 Ikea GU10 bulbs, that do not follow commands from deconz. In 95% of cases they properly switch on, but in 5% one or two random bulbs do not switch on. While switching off situation is worse; there is +50% chance that at least one bulb will not go off. BUT at the same time deconz (and in consequence HA) shows desired status of these bulbs (e.g. they appears to be switched off, but in reality are not). So somehow similar issue to what you described, anding with status of the bulb being different than reality. I tried to turn them one o by one, in HA light group or in deconz group - behavior is always the same. I tried to control these using toggle or light switch on/off service, no change.
Now, what is really strange is the this sort of behavior I observe only when using automation or script… when I do this manually from UI, using lovelace button ( to toggle group) it works properly in 99.9%. It is also related to this specific group, I have plenty of other GU10 bulbs around the house (~30) and do not have this issue with them (very rarely).

I never found solution unfortunately and have removed the Tradfri bulbs altogether. In fact I started to get lots of issue with a mixed zigbee network (devices from different manufacturers) and went full circle.
First I moved everything from DeConz to ZHA which seemed to work for a while (even though I lost support for some devices) but still had the Tradfri status issue. Then started to get other weird issues again.
I then decided to do a bit of reading up and the general consensus seems to be run Hue devices on hue hub and everything else on Deconz so that’s what I did.
I moved all my hue devices (bulbs, motion sensors, switches) to a hue hub with the HA hue integration and other non hue devices (temp sensors, 13A sockets) to DeConz.
Also I read somewhere that firmware version of devices is quite important. With hue devices on the hue hub I was able to see the firmware versions and also upgrade everything to the latest (this isn’t easily done with DeConz). I was surprised how varied the versions were between devices especially bulbs. Also some bulbs which I thought were identical models were actually different models with different firmware.
Also I read somewhere that tradfri bulbs don’t work well on the same zigbee network as hue unless they’re running a specific version (or greater) of the tradfri firmware. Apparently you can upgrade the Tradfri firmware using DeConz but I didn’t look any further at this as I planned to run hue on hue hub.
Also some reckoned in one of the forums that hue bulbs are very “chatty” on a zigbee network and can sometime cause non-hue devices to act strangely (e.g. wrong status). Which is another reason to keep the hue bulbs on hue hub.
In essence I run 2 Zigbee networks (which is fine to do). One for all my hue devices with a hue hub and everything else on deConz. I still have some Tradfri GU55 bulbs but haven’t re-introduced them to the network yet.
Everything works fine, no quirks, no wrong status, no weird behaviour and I’ve left it like that for months now and changed very little (except updated hue firmware now and again). Eventually I’ll probably reuse the Tradfri bulbs (after updating the firmware) but if they continue to report the wrong status they will go in the bin.

Hopefully some of that was useful.