Tradfri Motion Sensor Automation

I´ve read some topics about the Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor and to be honest I´m not sure wether it can trigger other events or not.

I just bought one of these things recently (alongside with a Tradfri Gateway and some bulbs),
However, My goal was to turn on a power socket with and LED stripe (not ikea), when going downstairs in the dark.

This is my simple automation, and nothing happens at all. Is it not possible right now (or ever will be) with Hassio?

> - id: '0021'
>   hide_entity: false
>   alias: test-motion-detection
>   trigger:
>   - entity_id: sensor.tradfri_motion_sensor
>     platform: state
>     from: 'off'
>     to: 'on'
>   condition:
>   - condition: state
>     entity_id: sun.sun
>     state: below_horizon
>   action:
>   - service: switch.turn_on
>     entity_id: switch.15280773807d3a4b165a

Maybe check in the states table what the sensor reports?

I’m using Tradfri motion sensors in HA with DeConz to turn on lights, and I can confirm they work correctly.

There could be several causes for problems with motion sensor automation:

  1. Sensor not linked to Tradfri Gateway or DeConz hub due to improper linking, dead battery, etc.
  2. Communication problem between Gateway or hub and HA
  3. Bad sensor location impeding detection
  4. Entity ID for sensor in HA config or automation incorrect
  5. Entity ID for switch incorrect, or switch not operational
  6. Automation not activated or not working

i am also interested in the motion sensor, so if presence is detected, the light/switch turns on
but is it also turning off? after how many seconds? how does that work?

is it like, motion detects presence? so the state of the motion detector stays to ON for like 1 minut?
or when is the state changing? immediately after you walk away from the sensor?

You can set it to turn off after 1, 5, or 10 minutes.

How? It’s 3 days I’m looking for this and I only find people suggesting to “get another sensor” :rofl:

Please share this very secret piece of information if you have it :pray:


I think they changed it. An older generation had that control. The newer doesn’t, but the newer one is at least much much faster at detecting movement.