TRADFRI & OSRAM unavailable after upgrade (HASS 0.105.5 / deCONZ 5.2)

I updated the HASS to the mentioned version and the deCONZ Add-In to 5.2.

My TRADFRI and OSRAM components are now on unavailable in HASS, working in deCONZ.
XIAOMI sensors are fine.

Has anyone seen the problem, too??


No issue here. One xiaomi sensor was unavailable in deconz and HA but triggering it made it available again

Strange thing:
The TRADFRI motion sensor and switches are fine. The lights are set to unavailable.
That is the info text in HASS:
This entity is currently unavailable and is an orphan to a removed, changed or dysfunctional integration or device.
If the entity is no longer in use, you can clean it up by removing it.

I deleted the entities in HASS and restarted the Raspberry. Now, all is back and running.