TRADFRI remote - strange battery level readings

I have two TRADFRI remotes (5-button ones) for controlling the media player in bathroom and kitchen. They connect to my HA via zigbee (ConBee II) and work flawlessly.

However, one of the remotes started showing strange fluctuations in battery levels - see the attached screenshot. I am quite confident it’s not a zigbee/HA issue, as when I was getting low battery level reading in HA, the remote would blink red LED whenever pressing any button - so the device itself was reporting low battery levels.

What could be the cause? Low quality battery (the one that was bundled with the remote)? Changes in temperature and humidity levels (the remote is in the kitchen)?


Your not the only one.


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Same here :stuck_out_tongue: you’re not alone. I believe it’s actually a firmware thing, replaced all batteries before with new high end ones, level reports remained going up and down.

Sounds like when you use them more often, the percentage calculated goes down. When you let the remotes alone for a while, percentage goes up. Not actually tested, just seeing a pattern most of the times O_o