Tradfri sensor

Just bought home assistant green and have a few zigbee switches and plugs.

Can link them into Home Assistant fine but I can not get my newly bought Tradfri ikea sensor to connect in home assistant via the ZHA add integration button.

Why not? I’ve read I don’t need the ikea hub and don’t need any add ons in HA Green.

Very new to all this - what action to get this sensor intergrated?


You’re going to have to be more specific as IKEA sells many devices branded TRÅDFRI from motion sensors to multi-button remotes.

Which sensor? Sensing what? Product / model code? Web link to the catalogue?

Why not?

You need to help us help you by describing your environment in enough detail so we can understand it.

You don’t need the IKEA hub (neither of the at least two versions), but you do need a Zigbee co-ordinator radio like the SkyConnect or one of the similar Sonoff USBdevices.

There are several IKEA devices that need an extra component to decode the non-standard IKEA implementation of Zigbee - e.g the Rodret two button remote.

IKEA produces good quality hardware cheaply with stores world wide. They don’t fully match standards, but there’s enough HASS users out there to fix their meddling in code.

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Maybe try the IKEA Tradfri integration.
IKEA TRÅDFRI - Home Assistant (

For me that worked just fine

Thanks For the replies sorry I wasn’t clear it’s the IKEATRADFRI motion sensor and I do have sky Connect as part of my home assistant green set up but when I go to device and services / add intergration / add Zigbee device it’s not picking up the device. why would that be?

I’ve reset it but it had made no difference.

Do I need some form off other add on in Home assistant?

Good to know I don’t need the ikea hub.

Some IKEA devices take many attempts to pair - and even mess up the reset / pairing instructions.

Sadly, I’ve not got the motion sensor (Sonoff ones were easier to get), but here’s a couple of options to try:

IKEA Tradfri Control Plug

  • Get a wire probe
  • Press and hold the small button for 10S
  • white led should flash; sometimes the relay clicks

IKEA Tradfri Remote


  • For light sources: Toggle the main switch 6 times.
  • For remote control: Press the pairing button 4 times within 5 seconds.


If your light source becomes unsynchronized, press and hold the ON/OFF button for at least 3 seconds to return the light source to its default setting (100% brightness, 2700K).

Once paired, check the Logbook for events. If nothing appears, have a forum search for TRÅDFRI Motion sensors. There’s at least one thread: