Trådfri Switch As Home Assistant Switch?

Is there a way that I can use a Trådfri switch as a home assistant switch. I ask this because Ikea has released an £8.00 switch which would be great a physical home assistant trigger. If this isn’t possible can I request it?


Currently, IKEA’s API doesn’t expose the remotes externally. You’ll have to request that from IKEA.

An alternative might be to use a ZigBee dongle and pair the remote directly with that, but I’m not quite sure how that would work.

Are motion sensors and remotes now exposed and if so how do I use them?

I have DeCONZ and I paired 3 IKEA Tradfri remotes to it. I confirm you can use them to control whatever you want.


i have stumbled also on that ikea remote switch, dont think the hub wil work from ikea, so gonna buy a deconz too
can you share your automation to fire an event when one of the 5 buttons is pressed on that remote switch ?
i am new to zigbee :slight_smile: