Tradfri Switch via Deconz suddenly stopped working

My Ikea Tradfri Switches that are setup via Deconz stopped working all of a sudden. With no other configuration changes, updates, etc. that I can think of that would have caused it. They are still visible in Deconz, and indicate that they receive signal there. Phoscon also shows them. Home assistant also receives the battery status correctly. But none of the button presses seem to work. I have tried replacing the battery as well as re-pairing. But nothing is working. Very frustrating since these are my only interface to certain things such as doorbells and lights. And…poor timing…I’m leaving for a trip and would really love my family to be able to use these devices while I’m away :frowning:

Does anyone have any idea what could have possibly happened or where I should look to solve this?

In case anyone is having this problem, I thought I’d update:

It turns out the built in functionality for triggers based on Device trigger type and using the resulting list of switch states/fucntions does not work. I’m not exactly sure why unfortunately and would be really curious as to why this suddenly stopped working without any change.

The solution none the less was to use a blueprint that pulls in the deconz event data. Or just do that yourself. The following is the one I used: Ikea Tradfri 2 Button On/Off Switch Long and Short Presses

I’d still love to know why the previous functionality broke, but at least there’s a workaround. Better in most ways, limiting in other fringe scenarios (but you could just pull in the event data yourself in those cases).

the same thing just happened to me with all my ikea buttons. checked my update history, and there was a new phoscon release just after the last trace in my automations, however the release claims no actual changes and downgrading the container did not help either.

i can see all the button presses under events, but the automations are not triggereing.

@emkay have you been able to identify why this happened?

edit: solved by a HA restart. technically i am still on the downgraded deconz