Traditional US-style holiday lights with RGB LEDs?

Does anyone know of any holiday lights in the traditional US style with the green wires that have RGB LEDs? Non-addressable is fine, I just want to leave the lights on the house and use different colors for different holidays (green at Saint Patrick’s Day, orange at Halloween, cycle between red, white, and blue at Memorial Day and Fourth of July).

I want to be able to put them up with the gutter clips available at every hardware store on Earth. Ideally I’d be able to connect them to an ESP8266 running Tasmota or maybe WLED for integration into Home Assistant. This means I’m looking for something where I can get access to the control wiring pretty easily (3-wire or 4-wire).


What does this even mean.

I mean lights that look like these:

Not something that looks like this:

Also not like these:

This is what I use:

Not a green wire (I doubt you will ever find a green wire), but it is a black wire, so less noticeable. I have them mounted on my house year round.

Search for WESIRI WS2811 on Amazon, they have some with green wires.

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Thanks code-in-progress and Anwen. Those are pretty close to what I’m looking for.

Some additional internet searching suggests that GE Color Effects line might be a good target for what I’m trying to accomplish. There do appear to be some durability concerns when it comes to the GE lights, so I’ll probaboy end up going with the WESIRI or ALITOVE units even though the GE ones have exactly the form factor I’m after.


People still use WS2811? :wink: (kidding, I have a butt-metric-ton of them around lol). Although, the more recent WS2815 strips have me wanting to get some to try to play around with.

LOL! I also wanted mine to look a bit more traditional, string lights instead of strips. Yes, aren’t we always looking for some excuse to play around with yet more LEDs? :joy:

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LOL I have no idea what you are talking about. That’s not yet another matrix that I’m building! :rofl:

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