Traffic from HA to

My pihole blocks lots of traffic from HA to

Applovin is apparently a mobile marketing company

Any idea why HA tries to contact that site?

Do you have any addons or third party integrations installed ?

I have these addons:

  • Check Home Assistant configuration
  • File editor
  • Grafana
  • Home Assistant Google Drive Backup
  • InfluxDB
  • Node-RED
  • Portainer
  • Samba share
  • Terminal & SSH
  • deCONZ

And HACS with theese adding:

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Pedestal Fan Integration
  • Avanza Stock
  • Circadian Lighting

I’d look at the items you have in hacs. The stock app in particular. Their api I assume is free, so I’d suspect their gathering data in some way.