Trafikverket - Swedish train information - Testers

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If anyone wish to try out trafikverket custom component it would be nice.

Forked from @AnderssonPeter 's file on his gist and made some small corrections to make it work.
I have not made any quality checks other than basic tests…

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Made more adjustments.
It’s now proposed as a standard component to hass.

This is now an accepted pull request and merged as standard to dev branch preparing for coming release.
Some adjustments and cleanups has been made so the custom component should be removed once it hit the shelves as a standard component.

So it is washed and released as standard component since 0.96.

We can see a spike in downloads and an increase of pytrafikverket library downloads which indicate that some people started trying it out :slight_smile:

@AnderssonPeter , great job on setting the foundation for this one!

I hope it can come to good use for the commuters out there.

Great to see some Swedish components for Home Assistant! I was wondering if there is any possibility to make the state show time instead of date and time? I’m trying to make this look nice in my Lovelace setup hehe :slight_smile:

How does it look in lovelace?

When I tried it it looked like below, but it was on unused entities not on a card in lovelace.

Looks like this to me

It’s totaly my bad! For some reason I used the “sensor” card instead of “entities”…