Has anyone setup a upcoming media card for Trakt? I need to setup the api. What do i put in for the Redirect uri?

Read their documentation. This is question, not a Home Assistant one.


That is a good question @Dayve67, Im not sure what to put also. Im not sure why this kind of question couldn’t be answered. There’s no rules that a question has to directly related to Home Assistant.

If I figure out what to put, I be sure to let you know.

I was thinking the same thing. Thanks Corey.

did you ever figure this out?

Yep that seems to be the one I’m trying to use. Just need to figure out the part about the URI.

Sorry, I meant to link to auth · Issue #18 · custom-components/sensor.trakt · GitHub

Also, the component has it’s own thread here:

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Thanks that got me squared away.