Transfer from Vera Edge to Aeon Z-Wave USB-stick?


Before I started using Home Assistant I used a Vera Edge to controll my Z-Wave devices. The integration in HASS worked very well importing the devices and (HASS wasn’t very stable in the beginning) it was better to having the devices paired to the Vera Edge as a fall back.

Now my NUC running HASS is very stable and my Vera Edge is very old. I have a Aeon Z-Wave USB stick but have been avoiding re-pairing every device, many hard to reach in the house.

Is it possible to transfer the devices to the Aeon controller without re-pairing?

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I am planning on doing the same but to a Silicon Labs UZB-7 instead.

How was your migration? Was it successful and painless?

If I remember correctly I settled with having to re-pair all devices to the new controller. It was a hassle but I never found an option to transfer the devices.