Transfer gas volume to energy in kWh

Gas is working fine but there are 2 improvement axis:
1: we are not charged from the m3 but from the number of kWh. It should be more logical to enter cost as Euros/kWh
2: gaz energy is not added to electricity energy. It should be logical to add both the values

I agree. All though you can also do this with a simple Template sensor. How to Convert Gas Units to kWh the Easy Way Its not the hardest thing to calculate.

I would like to see the addition of tracking outside air enthalpy to the energy page. Since at least in cooling mode your air conditioners will follow OA Enthalpy.

The issue is not to make this calculation . I already have to do it as I am charged in Euros per kWh .
The issue is that the energy « home » value is not the sum of the « electricity grid » plus gas ( in kWh)


I also think everything in the energy dashboard should be aligned to kWh. Conversion between kWh and m3 is not always as easy as using a template.

In France, the price of gas is linked to kWh because there are different conversion coefficients (or " correction factor" in Joseph’s post) used depending on where you live. These coefficients can be updated at any time because of pressure changes.

More about this (in French):
Comprendre le coefficient de conversion gaz – ENGIE.

Please allow both kWh and m3 as measurement units that could be linked to a price.

In the original mockups, gas was presented as both kWh and m3.
Gas and electricity were both counted in the total for home.


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Sure but for me major issue is that total energy from electricity and gas should (must) be calculated .
It is not consistent to show energy coming from grid and gas with a total equal to electricity only

Indeed, as you can see in the original mockup (we posted almost at the same time), it would have been perfect if they sticked to the original idea. I think the developers had to make choices at some point and they dropped the kWh support. I asked for kWh support when the beta was released as I saw that only m3 was available for gas sensors, but it was too late.

I think that m3 is the good choice for initial sensor as it is the physical measurement from the counter
But there must be a way to translate the m3 to kWh
This is already what we have to do to enter price €/kWh and I am sure that France is not the sole country to charge gas as a function of kWh rather than m3