Transfer home assistant from raspberry pi to unraid

I am running HassOS on a raspberry pi 3b with an external USB SSD drive as storage/boot drive for the system. There is also a conbee II gateway plugged in to the pi running some zigbee devices. I have just installed Unraid on a different PC and wish to run HA on a VM.

Being a HA newbiw, i’m not exactly sure what the best transfer process would be. I plan to save a backup, turn off the pi, install HA on the Unraid VM, plug in the conbee gateway to the Unraid PC and then restore backup. Is this all i need to do to get everything running again? I feel like it might break some of my integrations with the zigbee devices. Thanks in advance

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Hi @rama3124

I’m exactly in de same situation right now. Currently running a pi4 wit h external ssd + ConbeeII stick. So far I’ve set up A HA VM on my unraid server and plan on making the transfer soon. One of the things I’ve red online is you have to pass the conbee stick to the HA VM.

Did you manage to transfer you HA succesfully ? Any tips or tricks ? :slight_smile:

It was the easiest process ever, i initially just did a full snapshot of the system and then installed HA on the VM and restored it and everything worked straight away except for the conbee stick. So i had to go back to the raspberry pi and backup the conbee stick on Phoscon. Once i restored the conbee backup, everything was perfect. I almost couldn’t believe how easy it was

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