Transferring to new Pi 3

Hey everyone just had a quick question that I couldn’t seem to find an answer to. I currently have HA running on a pi 2 with an aeotec zstick controlling multiple zwave locks and switches. I’m wanting to upgrade to a pi3 and start over on my config. Will the zstick stay paired to all the devices and still work with the new pi?

As far as I know yes. You could also copy the configuration (.xml) to transfer any specific settings.

I believe that @Corey_Johnson’s correct. It couldn’t hurt to move your XML, but losing it would only mean that you lose any device renaming that you’ve done. Most of the other data stays in the stick and will be read on the new Pi.

Did the same thing (moving to a Pi3). Only thing I did was before upgrading do:
Sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get upgrade
Move hardware
Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
After that everything worked fine. Do note this only works well if you do not run a NOOBS install (I am running the CLI version of Jessie)