Transform your existing wall switch to intelligent switch based on Xiaomi and Sonoff

I was looking for a cheap solution that will allow me to use my existing wall switches to control lights in my flat.

I decided to use cheap Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch (~7 USD) and Sonoff Wireless Smart Switch (~7 USD). I modified a bit Xiaomi button by adding two external wires and removing unnecessary plastic “button”. Size of the modified switch is very small so it allowed me to put it into my wall together with my previous wall switch.

I’m attaching a few photos and two videos.

As you can see, there is enough space for two Xiaomi switches:

Comments and questions are welcome.


Well, a question. Have you considered getting the SonOff T1 ? And if so , why did you choose this solution ?

My main goal was to use my existing wall switches. I don’t want throw them away.
Besides that I don’t like design of Sonoff T1.

There are other plug-and-play solutions that allow to use my existing wall switches, but they are relatively expensive.

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Why the Xiaomi switch and a door window sensor mod. Did it by myself and i think they are even smaller than the wireless switch

Hi Artur,

I got confused with one thing, why do you need (where did you use) the sonoff?
From what i see, you only applied the xiaomi switch to the previous wall switch, right?


@spysky I’m using sonoff to control my existing LED lamps.

So you only used the xiaomi switch because it’s smaller and fits into your wall? Because otherweise you could have simply installed the sonoff into your wall and connect your switch to the GPIOs of the sonoff.

@ciB The problem with sonoff is that I’m not able to put it into my wall because it is too big.

I would like to try this. Can you add screens on where/how to connect the two wires to the button? And also the switch?

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