Transition from arduino to home assistant

Hi all, as a object, actually in my home have arduino mega connected in LAN, with all pin connected (about 50 sensor, relè, etc) configured with blynk and IFTTT.
I would like to switch to HA by connecting all other devices as well. How do you advise me to proceed? i need to install MQTT and rewrite the code for it?
Thank you all!

Hi, maybe have a look at this: GitHub - dawidchyrzynski/arduino-home-assistant: ArduinoHA allows to integrate an Arduino/ESP based device with Home Assistant using MQTT.

You can also I believe install HA, then Node-Red. Node-Red has Blynk integrations so you could possibly leave your Arduino untouched (while you replace it with ESPHome nodes :slight_smile: )

Thanks, I tried to go into your 2 suggestions but I got a bit lost, I think I need a guide on how to interact between these languages first. With Arduino and Blynk, notions of C++ and the concept of virtual pins to be assigned to blynk were enough for me.