Translate attribute climate


I have a Honeywell Lyric and in the states it gives:"

hvac_modes: off, heat
min_temp: 5
max_temp: 35
current_temperature: 20
temperature: 17.5
hvac_action: idle
friendly_name: 333 Honeywell Lyric
supported_features: 1

The hvac_action can have the value’s idle and heating. Those two terms are not translated to Dutch. Is there a way to replace them?

In what? Developer tools State table - no, standard more-info dialog - no, somewhere in the ui - yes, or a custom template sensor more-info dialog - yes. You can of course modify the ui to say anything and likewise you can encapsulate your hvac entity in a template sensor and modify anything you would like since everything is templated. Without more information it’s hard to point you in any particular direction.

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I’m sorry, I was not clear enough.

I have declared a sensor and it shows “idle” and “heating” on the front end, but I would like to change it to the dutch translation.

- platform: template
      value_template: '{{ states.climate.lyric_xxxxxx.attributes.hvac_action }}'  

Ok, well something like this should work, replace the foo, bar, and error with the corresponding dutch word

  value_template: >
    {% if is_state_attr('climate.lyric_xxxxxx', 'hvac_action', 'idle') %} foo
    {% elif is_state_attr('climate.lyric_xxxxxx', 'hvac_action',  'heating') %} bar
    {% else %} error {% endif %}

Also better to use the routines than use the fully qualified variable names in case of start conditions where the attributes maybe temporarily unavailable, etc.

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Yes! This does the trick! Thanks