Translate signal from hardwired switch to HA via zigbee

I am looking for hardware that lets me build an automation based on a conventional wall switch.
My use case is as follows: I have several smart (zigbee) bulbs that I currently control via Homeassistant (zha) or dedicated IKEA remote switches. Now I have useless normal switches that needed to be turned on all the time.
I would like to use the switch input from my existing wall switches to trigger the ZigBee bulbs state without cutting power to them.

I can imagine a scene button but with a wired input. Or a in wall ZigBee switch using only the switch terminals, not the relay.

I already tried this with a Sonoff ZBMINIL2, but I do not see the the state of the switches in HA. There is only the relay state that I can control from HA.

Does anyone know a hardware device I can put behind my wall switches where the input state is transferred to Homeassistant so I can trigger other actions like turning on and off ZigBee bulbs?

Secondary requirements would be: low-cost, offline, ZigBee protocol, no batteries.

There’s quite a few behind switch relays. If the ZBMINIL2 wasn’t showing status (which it does via the switch state), there’s also the Aqara T1 relay and various Moes/Tuya as well.

You are right it shows the status of the inputs indirectly through the relay state. Maybe I can use this for automations. I could then desolder die relay to get rid of the switching noise.
Do you know if the T1 shows the switch input as dedicated input?

Yeah, T1 does plus it supports decoupled mode so the relay doesn’t operate, it just reports the actual switch position. I think the Sonoff does as well without having to solder it, but I’m not sure about that.

Thanks. The Sonoff does not, at least not with zha