Translink (Vancouver, BC, Canada Transit) Bus Times Sensor and Lovelace Card

I made a very simple integration to display the next few bus times for a given stop and route in my city.


The sensor is here:

The card is here:

For now while I test and improve it you will have to install is as a custom hacs repository, instructions can be found on github.

This based on the work of:

  • johnlarusic: https:// github com/johnlarusic/lebus
  • amaximus: https:// github com/amaximus/bkk_stop

Thanks for your work! Unfortunately, the registration has not been working for the API access for some time now (ever since Translink in Vancouver had been attacked with ransomware)

I’ll try and do some scraping in the meantime…


Is this sensor still working?

I got an API code a long time ago and it looks like its valid. When I download the component and use the proper parameters it doesn’t return any sensors for “translink_next_bus”


Hi @jackw.27

This is sort of working and it is realtime: GitHub - mark1foley/ha-gtfs-rt-v2: Real-time transit information for Home Assistant
I have some issues where some routes I check do not show up, but overall it seems working.

you can get access to Translink API via GTFS Real-time | TransLink


Seems like the updates for the route at my home ends earlier in the night. Today it is updating correctly.