Transmission Sensor

Hi guys,
im trying to add the transmission sensor, but the application is installed on a cheap NAS, that doesn’t allow me to change the configuration for transmission. By default the configuration comes with only user but the password is empty. Im trying to add an empty String to the sensor on the hass configuration, but doesn’t allow me that and generate some errors, the same happens if i remove the password value and leave only the user.
Any idea?

no clue what will happen, but can’t hurt to try. Just comment it out.

This configuration works for me on dev.

  - platform: transmission
    username: admin
    password: ""
      - 'current_status'
      - 'download_speed'
      - 'upload_speed'

It looks like that the platform works as well if there is no password set and a username is provided. But this could be something that’s only working when Transmission is running on localhost.

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