Transmit codes ir from my database

How to register infrared codes from my database to be transmitted by the home assistant

Good question. What hardware do you have to transmit IR codes?

I have a multi-zone audio amplifier but I don’t have the remote control, so I was thinking about using broadlink to transmit the codes that the equipment manufacturer gave me. This amplifier has RS232 serial integration, but it is too complex for me to execute.

You could also use Global Cache Itach IP2IR with Blaster. They also have extensive DB where you can download codes for your hardware. Here is their website.

I use gc12-100 which is probably overkill but I can control all the components in my rack for media room including 2 A/V recievers, HDMI Splitter, Projector, CD player and a daphile music server.

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The problem with Broadlink is getting the codes into the thing. The docs point to a couple of ways of importing them, but the integration is designed to learn codes from an existing remote control, and they’re stored in json files which you can’t edit.

If you have Zigbee, you might try something like the Moes Universal IR Controller. The codes are just text strings, which males them easy to copy from other sources.

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