Travis CI Sensor - [403] not a Travis user


i’d like to setup the build check of my home assistant configs in HASS. I setup the travis sensor with a new api key from github (public repo). But i cannot start hass because of the error

ERROR (SyncWorker_3) [homeassistant.components.sensor.travisci] Unable to connect to Travis CI service: [403] not a Travis user

I had a look at the status page of travis but all services running fine. Does anybody of u have/had the same problem and got a solution?


Edit: Forgot to mention, that i run HASS as a Docker Container.

I know this is rather old, but I ran into the same issue. While I can’t 100% say this is your issue, I know that I skimmed the docs and I used my Travis CI API Key. However, it is asking for the GitHub API key.

  • api_key ( Required ): GitHub access token with the following scopes: read:org , user:email , repo_deployment , repo:status , write:repo_hook .