Trend binary sensor: Arrow icons


Could we have a device class for the binary sensor that just shows an arrow up for ‘on’ and an arrow down for ‘off’. For me, this is the most wanted thing for trend binary sensors :slight_smile: Or is this already implemented somewhere?

Best, vrs01

You can probably use icon_template.

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Yes I’m trying that at the moment. Is that the right way to change the icon of the bubble sensors like these?

I tried the following:
But this only lets me display a specific text as value of a analog sensor:

What I want is this (this is photoshopped):

Can I get this somehow?

I don’t know if you can in the case of trend sensors. I’m using them for weather stats and I thought they only monitor in one direction. Here’s one sensor set up from my group - but maybe I have been doing this wrong the whole time.

-  platform: trend
   entity_namespace: wx
       friendly_name: 'Apparent Temp Rising'
       entity_id: sensor.pws_feelslike_f
       sensor_class: heat
       friendly_name: 'Apparent Temp Falling'
       entity_id: sensor.pws_feelslike_f
       sensor_class: cold
       invert: Yes