Tried to install sonoff zigbee but somehow home assistant stopped working

I have the HA blue OS 9.3. I was going to flash a sonoff zigbee dongle but while gathering the files to do it I also tried to install the zigbee2mqtt iaw the youtube video I was following although I wasn’t able to install it because it won’t show on the add on store even after adding it on the repository. Then I noticed that HA seemed to stop and so I reloaded a back up I have from yesterday but the problem did not go away. I am enclosing pictures to better explain it. Thank you.

It looks like your HA instance either crashed or you did an unclean shutdown (aka pulling the power plug).

Can you show us what the log (2nd picture) says before 11:11:32 AM?

What you can try, although it’s a shot in the dark because you didn’t show the log entries before 11:11:32 AM): Rename the file “home-assistant_v2.db” to i.e. “home-assistant_v2.db.bak” (your database is obviously corrupted) and reboot your HA instance. This file will get recreated by HA during start-up (you will loose your logbook though).

I think something has changed because now fewer errors are on my log don’t really know what I did except updated those apps I installed but here are the pics of the log. I really don’t know when you say log 2nd picture I just started this month with this Home Assistant and i am finding it very difficult, I get it up one day and down many days but I will keep at it till I learn it and you are right I did about 3 shutdowns the day it crashed.

Well, might already be too late anyway.

Looking at your op the second picture is this one, isn’t it?

That screenshot displays all error messages starting from 11:11:32 AM. What would have been interesting is, what got logged before that particular time?

However, that first displayed messages says that the logbook (sqlite3 database) might be corrupted (system could not validate that the database was shutdown cleanly). Thus I recommended to rename the database and restart HA to see whether HA is able to start now.

I am trying to search how I can Rename the file ‘home-assistant_v2.db’ to i.e. ‘home-assistant_v2.db.bak’ but so far can’t find one and I really don’t know where to go to change it.

As seen on your screenshot you are using Windows. Install the Home Assistant Add-on: Samba share through the Add-on store. With this you can easily expose Home Assistant folders with SMB/CIFS.

I actually have Samba share and this is what I see under configuration.

Now you can add the Samba Share through Windows using the Windows Explorer. Look here for how to do that.

Inside your HA config-directory (the same directory where i.e. your HA configuration.yaml is located) you’ll find the file “home-assistant_v2.db”. Right-click that file and choose “Rename” from the submenu.

I finally renamed the “home-assistant_v2.db” to “home-assistant_v2.db.bak" and restarted the hardware this is what now shows on my log.

I also did the following but what will I do with it? -Now you can add the Samba Share through Windows using the Windows Explorer. Look here for how to do that.

So the initial problem about Tried to install sonoff zigbee but somehow home assistant stopped working seems to be solved and your HA instance is starting and can be accessed by now?

The next error is about the Tuya Integration (obviously). There must be more in the logs about the latter than you show here.

I will look. Thanks for the help.

Now I know how to rename the bak file and also add samba share thru windows, I will just have to google more about. Thanks for all your help Tamsy, i will see if I can find something about my current problem on Tuya and I hope I will find one that is already posted. Thank you very much!

Glad that you have sorted it out :+1:t3:

Regarding that Tuya IoT-problem just use the search function of the forum. There are multiple threads discussing the tuya integration.

Thank you Sir!