Tried updating configuration.yaml and now Supervisor wont respond

I wanted to add a sensor to view the CPU usage of the machine running home assistant, copy and pasted the code from this page System Monitor - Home Assistant
using the visual studo add-on.

This is the only change I have ever made to the configuation file

It seemed to work fine, config passed validation, I don’t see any errors in the logs, Home Assistant observer lists everything as healthy. But I am unable to load the Supervisor panel and some add-ons (Visual Studio being one)

I looked around and couldn’t find an obvious fix or issue, I’m not sure why parts of home assistant have broken, I’ve started restarting the server a few times.

Does anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I’d like to remove the changes I made to the config to see if that fixes it, but I’m unsure how to edit the file when I can’t access any file editing add-ons. I was also an idiot who left the samba share details in the config which I’m now unable to access

EDIT 2: After a few hours of leaving it alone, home assistant became fully unresponsive, I restarted the Pi running it, and most functionality seems to be restored, I will update this if I see more issues

Did you try clearing your browser cache?

I didnt at the time, but I have now done that and tried a few browsers, also tried on my phone, still seeing the same issue