Trigger after other condition was valid for at least 10 minutes

Lets say I have a door.

I will be notified if the door is open for more than 10min. This was easy to configure.

Now my problem. When, after beeing open for more than 10min (i.e. the notification was sent), the door is closed I want a notification.

How could I configure that? How to specify this additional condition.

After the notification, add a wait_for_trigger containing a State Trigger that listens for the door’s state changing from on to off. Put the second notification after the wait_for_trigger.

Use the alert integration which is designed for this, and has the ability to send a message when the condition that caused the alert to fire (which can also repeat), is no longer true.


  name: Boiler Fault
  done_message: "The Boiler is working normally"
  message: "*Boiler Fault* The boiler is not working!"
  entity_id: binary_sensor.boiler_fault
  state: 'on'
  repeat: 30
  can_acknowledge: true
    - tg_house_group