Trigger alarm via HTTP GET


I got a camera that has an interesting API to integrate into home automation systems. The problem is that it requires an HTTP endpoint in order to work. I am aware of the RESTful API of HA but to trigger services you need POST HTTP with payload and my camera just allows a GET request to a given URL.

Here is the link to its documentation :

Is it possible to do that with HA ?

You could use curl command, and execute using command_line component.

I don’t know of any way of sending things to HA directly using HTTP GET commands - from what I can make of the document it expects a cgi script on the server.

But I think the documentation says you can send an e-mail on alarm, so you might be able to use the imap sensor

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Thanks for the answer but you’ve been misunderstanding : The camera is the client calling issuing the HTTP request.

Thanks a lot for that answer ! It’s exactly what I was looking for !!!

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