Trigger an iOS Shortcut or have Siri Speak from a HA automation

I’ve been searching for a few days now, but I haven’t found a clear cut answer as to whether or not an iOS shortcut can be triggered from HA. I’m trying to get Siri to give me verbal notifications of my garage door opening and closing on my iPhone. Other TTS don’t seem to play over my speakers when I’m driving in Carplay mode that I know of. Not sure if playing a recorded audio clip would work or would that interrupt the music I’m usually playing on my phone in the car.

I’ve looked at using webhook ->Pushcut to trigger a Shortcut on my phone but that requires you to be running the puchcut app as a dedicated server in the foreground on the phone or click on a notification. I looked into trying to get HA or NodeRed to call an URL shortcut scheme (shortcut://run-shortcut?name=[name] ), but haven’t found a way to successfully do it. Is this possible?


I’d also like to know if HA can somehow trigger an ios shortcut. It would be incredibly useful.

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