Trigger at specific date?

I’d like an automation that disables some seasonal automations and scripts (tagged with the new fancy labels) at certain date, but I don’t see an obvious way to do this.

I’m not a programmer, “just make a template” isn’t feasible for me.

Any pointers? Thanks!

Create a Date/Time Input Helper (e.g. my_start_time)
set the date and time in that helper when you want to trigger

automation trigger:

  - platform: time
    at: input_datetime.my_start_time
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Of course it is. Don’t close your mind off: there’s no such thing as “not a programmer”, unless you’re referring to a job description.

In my opinion, it’s better practice to not disable the scripts and automations entirely, but include a condition that only allows then to run when you want.

Here’s a silly example: this turns on my garage light at sunrise, but only in even months:

I know some templates can look hideously complex, but you can’t tell me that this level “isn’t feasible” when you’ve already got your head around automations and scripts.

Explain your actual requirements and I’m sure you will get further help.

Another possibility, to avoid repeating the template over and over again, is to set up a template binary sensor (like a “flag”), then refer to that in your conditions. This one’s a little more complex to cover specific dates:



  • is it March; if so is it the 15th or later; or
  • is it April through August;
  • is it September and 18th or earlier?

That will give you binary_sensor.seasonal_flag that you can use in your conditions, or use to trigger a separate automation.


Create a calendar entry and use that as the trigger.

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These two will work for the current year only (or as many years as you set them up for), not on a specific date regardless of year.

The calendar event can be set to repeat yearly.


That’s a good idea, I’ll probably just do that, thank you!

Thank you. I just find using something this complex for something so seemingly simple (trigger at static date) weird. I do have some templates for some advanced stuff, I’m not against templates :slight_smile: