Trigger Automation by Pressing Off, when a Switch is Already Off

Hi All,

I came from Hubitat. I’m recreating a group command and struggling.

Workflow w/ Hubitiat:

  • Switch One, state off, tap on button = switch one and switch two turn on.
  • Switch One, state on, tap off button = switch one, two, and three turn off.
  • Switch One, state off, tap off button = switch two and switch three turn off.

It is the last one I don’t know how to setup. HA only seems to let me trigger “turned off” not the off button press.

This workflow helped me turn off an extra light far from the entry of the room (where switch one is) that would be left on when the other two lights were off.

I’m using Zooz Zen 22 with the latest firmware. All this worked fine in Hubitat using the simple group on/off triggers.