Trigger Automation from IFTTT Help

Need some help triggering an automation through IFTTT, keep getting the following error in IFTTT:

Applet skipped
Unable to make web request: Error: ETIMEDOUT

IFTTT Config:

Service available for automation:
"trigger": {"description": "Trigger the action of an automation.", "fields": {"entity_id": {"description": "Name of the automation to trigger.", "example": "automation.notify_home"}}}

Couple thoughts:

Your URL is HTTP instead of HTTPS. Are you sure that’s correct?

You’re triggering an automation, which may be checking a condition. Have you considered just calling a script instead? With a script, you just put the script in the query string, and there’s no need for a body. Either should work, though, I’ve done both.

HTTP is correct as I’m not using DUCKDNS, but accessing directly.

I will try with script.

Can you provide an example for the string/body?


Here’s my call. No body needed:

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Thanks you.

Would this work as well if the conditions are met?
POST https://myURL:8123/api/services/automation/trigger/entity_id/automation.ifttt_test?api_password=myPassword

No, it wouldn’t work like that.

You’ll want to go to Developer Tools, and use an available service. Automations aren’t available as individual services the way scripts are. The way you had it originally “should” work, actually. The reason I speculated that it didn’t was because of a condition or something. And I suggested a script because that seems more straightforward.

Maybe start with something simple to troubleshoot the problem. Like a switch.turn_on. That’s a really simple one that requires a body:



    "entity_id": "switch.mySwitch"

Thank you, works great.

As far as I know, you can’t trigger automations through IFTTT. What I did was simply create a script and trigger the script through IFTTT.

FYI: It can and works as initially posted.