Trigger automation transition when dashboard button toggled

Hi all, I’m new to HD and trying to figure out the best way to proceed with automation that will work for me.

I have an automation that uses Lutron caseta remotes to power a lifx light group in a room. It works great, the “transition” setting under Actions makes them dim up and down perfectly.

The problem comes when I use the HD Dashboard to control these lights -
When I toggle the lifx light group in the dashboard the lights turn on and off fast(default in automation if transition duration wasn’t set). I’d like to use my automation transition duration when these lights are controlled via HD dashboard.

In a nutshell, no matter if the light group is turned on via automation, dashboard, or voice assistant, I’d like them all to obey the transition / ramp duration. Ideally of course.

–btw - coming from ISY / Insteon setup and I’m loving all the resources for HD … the ui, options, and responsiveness! Very rebust and powerful.

Thanks for any guidance in the right direction

I dont believe you can run automations that way, because they require triggers, however, you could run a script.

Create a button card and in the tap action, select call service:

Then type script. and your script should appear in the list to be selected.

Thats great. Thanks for that! I can make it work this way. Thank you!