Trigger automation when light helper entity turns on

What I try to achieve? Turn light temperature based on daytime when any light turns on.

What I have set up: All bulbs in a room are grouped within a helper group.

I can trigger such an automation when I define the individual bulbs under “device” but I do not want to add all individual and then set the decisions for all of them. Rather I would simply have the trigger when the group entity is turned on. This is not an option - I can only track state changes in e.g. brightness (however this would also trigger when dimming).


Look at the State trigger. That should allow you to choose the group as the entity, and the group should go to on whenever any light is on.



(note to devs: yet another example of the UI design “hiding” the very useful State trigger in preference to the much more troublesome device trigger)

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Okay, nvm. For whatever reason I could not see the attributes for the group in the beginning. They show up. Definitely a user problem :slight_smile: