Trigger automation with compagnion app entity without internet access

Hi All,

I was wondering if it is possible to run an automation that sends out a notification to my smartphone even while i’m not connected with internet (wifi or cellular).

At the moment I have an automation running that uses the android auto entity [binary_sensor.pixel_7_android_auto] state of my compagnion app as a trigger.
This automation sends out a push notification to my phone that reminds me to start/stop my mileage tracker app (seperate app).

The issue however is that most of the time I will need to park in an underground parking garage without any signal and therefore no internet. As a result the automation is not being triggered since the updated state of my android auto entity is not being updated by my home assistant server.

Would it be possible to validate the state and/or trigger an automation locally via the compagnion app directly? So that even when my phone does not have any connection to the internet it will send out this push notification?