Trigger automation with google routine

Hi all,

i found a video to expose automations/scripts/scenes to Google home, but its only allows to turn on/off automations (How-To: Home Assistant TALK TO Google Assistant / Google Home - YouTube)

What i want to achieve is that when i say hey google goodnight that it triggers my good night routine and it runs one of my automations.

The automation is telling me which waste container i need to put outside

Create a “goodnight” button helper. Expose that to google. It gets treated as a scene. In your google goodnight routine Add Action → Adjust Home Devices → check Adjust Scenes and click Edit actions → check the button you exposed. Again, it looks like a scene in Google Assistant, but it really is a button.

Add that button press event to the triggers in the automation you want to run.

Now when you say hey google goodnight, pressing the good night button in HA will be part of that routine.


I am quite a noob with this how do i create an exposed it to google home and how do i connect an automation to it?

Are you using nabu casa?

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I already fixed it, my scripts where exposed, so i created a script that runs my automation now :slight_smile:

Awesome! Definitely more than one way to skin the cat in this game :slight_smile:

Like this creative solution! Thank you!

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