Trigger automation with input.datetime

first, sorry for my english :slight_smile:
i’d like to launch an automation at a time define in an 'input.datetime" card.
if think it’s possible but i use mostly the graphical editor, and i think it’s maybe easier with template ?
In fact i have an zigbee sensor with i can open my gate and i’d like to open it the gate automatically for example tomorrow at 5pm because i kno someone will be here around this time and my gate is out of my eyes.
Thank you for your help

You can do that using the graphical Automation Editor, you do not need templates.

You will want to use a Time trigger:


Then select “Value of a date/time helper…” under Mode.

Be aware, if your Input datetime is time-only the automation will trigger everyday at that time. For a security-related use like your gate it would be best to use an Input datetime that has both time and date so it will only trigger once.

seem nice !!! my imput has a date and a time it’s ok
i didn’t find this trigger
thanks i will try this